KNOWELDGE BOMB – Facial vs Fascial

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Fascial Stretch Therapy |

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. The crew at b-Stretched know that this post is WAYYYY overdue but as they say, better late than never!!!

What is FASCIA?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, although there is fascia in our face, fascial and facial are two different things.

Good, now onto FASCIA.

According to Robert Schleip, one of the leading researchers on the topic, fascia pertains to the bodies extensive network of connective tissue whose orientation or layout is dependent on the tensional strain that it is subjected to. Two-thirds of fascia is made up of water and it plays an important role as a sensory organ and force transmitter.

Have you ever looked at muscle chart and noticed that white stuff which is often seen covering or dividing muscle groups? That my friends, in FASCIA.

SO…. why stretch this fascia stuff to begin with?

As mentioned previously, FASCIA adapts to tension. Through injury or sustained work postures, fibroblasts (the baby-momma of fascia) lay down fascia in a more disorganized fashion which can limit range of motion, increase tension and lead to pain and discomfort.

Here at b-Stretched, our therapists are certified in the Stretch to Win© Fascial Stretch System, a system which was founded on scientific principles and has been helping top-level athletes and everyday Joes for over 20 years. Fascial Stretch Therapy incorporates various aspects to assess and improve overall range of motion.