Fascial Stretch Therapy(TM)

Fascial Stretch Therapy(TM) is a unique and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching which focuses on the muscles and connective tissue that surround and encompass the joints. It is used by professional athletes regularly to improve performance, improve flexibility and help prevent injury.
Fascia is a network of layered connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints. A joint capsule is also a connective tissue structure that surrounds joints and is part of the fascial network.

Restricted fascia and joint capsules can lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis, increased muscle tightness, strains, tendinopathies, headaches, scar tissue formation, decreased blood flow and lower energy levels

Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy:
Improve posture & muscle function
Improve flexibility
Improve recovery from training
Improve sport specific performance
Increase muscular strength and endurance
Reduce muscle tension and risk of injury
Increase balance and symmetry of the body
Reduce muscular soreness and fatigue
Release chemicals, known as endorphins that act as natural pain suppressants
Restoration of normal joint space
Treat conditions such as chronic headaches, plantar fasciitis and other musculoskeletal ailments
Help treat symptoms associated with facet joint dysfunctions and osteoarthritis.

All of our therapists are certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, each with their own unique attributes and abilities to address your needs.